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Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
transparency and accountability to the public. [applause] lastly, it was abraham lincoln said that we must quote, care for him to who have borne the battle. in indiana, our veterans are hurt. and they need our help. believe it or not, post 9/11 veterans have an unemployment rate higher than the national average. we have to do better. we owe these heroes nothing less. he graduated in 2006, he decided to join the army in iraq and afghanistan for his first deployment in 2001. one night the convoy came under attack in a rocket propelled grenade push the copperplate through, basically destroying his left leg. nevertheless, he was able to hold a 250-pound door in place, saving the lives of likely everyone in the vehicle. he has had two dozen surgeries since and most recently was a year ago. last fall he got married and did his first 5k. big tim is an american hero. he is with us tonight. [applause] [applause] our budget makes clear commitment to hurt and jim hoosiers who served our union and certifying veterans service officers. i have also set a goal in our administration to prepare contracts f
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
in the database. lastly, the u.s. census will be releasing later in the year data on how many people with disabilities actually voted. it will be broken down by category and types of disabilities and in the cases that the larger jurisdictions, there will even be data. there were 14,700,000 people with disabilities who voted in 2008. that is still a 7% cap between disabled and able-bodied voter participation. poll worker training is extremely important. some of the problems we saw in the selection, but previous elections that link back to poll worker training machines be turned off. the poll workers pressure people not to use the machine. poll workers quite an approach really looking at a person with a disability insane this happens over and over again. that is the legal. it is morally offensive and it happens lots of times in every election a month to places. i want to commend the district because they used testing after training for poll workers. i think that is essential and it's not just to teach with the poll worker knows, but to teach election officials book points the training
Jan 10, 2013 11:00pm EST
. third, poor security. fourth, questionable sustainability and lastly, corruption. talk about inadequate planning. we are. we are at a risk billions of dollars if the agencies charged with implementing new programs and can start two new facilities do not first answer some basic questions. i've been in washington for 37 years. how must sell at this stage. they came from ohio and keep this midwestern approach to issues come assertive basic simple questions that you would ask if you are buying a house, buying a car or train to lecture your daughter on what school to pick. set up a simple question from a logical question. these happening aren't being answered in afghanistan. questions such as, are these programs in buildings needed? have you asked the afghans if they want them? have you court made it but then at the other organizations working with the u.s. government or international community? have we designed them to meet any specific need that the afghans have? and have we designed them in such a way that they can be sustainable in the future? quite often we find the answers to these que
Jan 30, 2013 11:00pm EST
more effect it. and lastly, acted in a manner that were not ashamed of our children watching because they are. i'm taking this principles to heart. and we've already hit the ground running to create better jobs, better schools and more effect of government. a company recently came to montana and said goodbye to look in in a manufacturing city, but they needed a workforce ready for the high-tech betting they do. he's high-paying jobs are exactly the kind we should have here in montana. that's why we with great falls college. the begin training workers to fill these jobs in this company is now moving to the electric city. [applause] i think the program also ensure high schools in great falls can graduate with certificates that would make them attractive candidates for the company as well. so not only is it better job, the better education. at the tulsa to bring to market new government to montana and we do not already as well. tomorrow for the first time ever, montana's check book will be online. [applause] bubble has is a searchable database so anyone in siena or anyone across the wor
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4